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Growing up in Australia, I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery, "interesting" pastimes, and colourful characters you could ever imagine!

Being blessed with my artistic mother's eye and creative streak, and my father's exactitude and love of music, I have always had a passion for both the aesthetic beauty of sights and sounds, as well as a craving to understand and master the technology that captured them.

My mother first lent me her Kodak Brownie Camera when I was 6 years of age, which I quickly ran roll after roll of black and white film through. As the years went by, I graduated to my dad's SLR (including completely disassembling and reassembling it one day on my quest for technical knowledge...a fact my father may still not be aware of ;-). At age 23 I left the sun baked southern continent, headed for the U.S. of A. to pursue my other profession, and my one big Duty Free purchase was my own 35mm SLR camera and lens.

Pursuing my wunderlust and exploring many beautiful regions of North America, my original lens sustained some "wear and tear", necessitating replacement, and initiating a buying spree of camera equipment, the magnitude of which I doubt that great online auction site has seen before or since. Possibly out of guilt, or more likely, financial necessity, I was overcome with a desire to put my new extensive collection of lenses and equipment to use for financial gain, and volunteered to photograph a wedding for a friend in need of a photographer. Thus began my fledgeling career as a "Photographer".

Apparently, I did ok, and by nothing more than word of mouth though the network of 6,000 captive employees of the hospital at which I was employed, I've been entrusted with the photography or videography of numerous weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries and family reunions, as well as capturing children's sporting events, classic/exotic automobiles and motorcycles, rodeos, graduation and high school senior shots.

With the transition from film to digital photography, I have done my best to keep pace, with several camera, lens and computer upgrades. Recently, in somewhat of an epiphany, (or possibly a loss of oxygen to the brain), I purchased a printer that is every bit the size of a coffin....or something else that size that isn't quite so morbid! ;-) In something akin to a superhero acquiring their powers, I find myself revelling in my new found ability to print incredibly detailed images up to 44 inches X 49 feet in size! Needless to say, my enthusiasm for photographing anything is at an all time high.....and I'm not getting much sleep!

With this fresh, advanced level of control over every aspect of the imaging process, from capture to editing to printing, I am able to produce a finished print to virtually any specifications required, and I look forward to meeting the needs of your imagination!

Kym Janiak

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