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G'Day Mate! Well things are progressing along nicely, and while I am far from a website design expert, I'm amazed that I've had over 750 hits in just 3 weeks on my infant website, especially after only having photographed 1 carshow, 3 baseball games, 1 wedding and a family portrait sitting. This website first published on 8/11/2011.....now just 3 days shy of 3 months, I have surpassed the 10,000 hit mark. There will still be many improvements to this website in the future, however  I've had somewhat of an epiphany about 10 days ago, and plan to run my photography business only enough to cover my living expenses and then fund the Non-Profit Organization side of my operation, allowing it to operate 100% efficiently.  Every cent donated after that will go back out into the world to do good. (My photography business will receive a tax break for making the donations of ink and paper to allow the charity to run absolutely efficiently. I've already resigned my position as a Physical Therapist.  It's website and Mission Statement went up at 6:45pm CDT 8/31/2011...roughly an hour ago. I invite and encourage you please to visit www.TheBoomerangInitiative.org to read my mission statement, offer feedback, and ponder contributing to the cause when everything is official with the IRS. 

Further websites will follow with other ideas I have to help society as a whole. For now I will continue to run my photography business, so that I may continue to support myself. I have constructed a pricing schedule which I think you will like. My business model will hence forth run in the same vein as my non-profit organization. I was never going to charge any form of sitting fee, as that places the onus on me to make sure you love your prints. It also leaves you more money with which to buy more prints, and ultimately ensures you derive more lasting pleasure from our photographic encounter because you get more prints for the same amount outlayed.

As long as people don't take complete advantage of my generosity, I have decided to allow you to pay me whatever you think the prints are worth, after you consider what they would have cost you at any other photographer in town. If you need a guide for pricing, you may go to the eShop tab above to see prices based on an $0.08c per square inch model, but I think you will find even these prices are a tiny fraction of what many photographers are charging for comparable size prints. You may pay me more or less than those suggested prices at your discretion. I do still need to charge State Sales and Use Tax to Texas residents.

Also if you are interested in ordering prints, I would ask that you simply email me at
Kym@BoomerangPhotography.com , and tell me which file number (eg. IMGP_1234) or numbers you would like me to print and in what dimension...the first person that ordered a 44" by 66" print won a prize! ;-)...they received their $232 (44"x66"x$0.08) print for free!!! I am geared toward enlargements primarily because my good printer will not print smaller than 8.5"x11" prints. Please check out the High Resolution Sample images here www.boomerangphotography.com/IMGP1529b.jpg and www.boomerangphotography.com/TPCollageDemo.jpg to see the full detail of the files I produce your prints from. I will crop, align, colour (that is how we spell it in Australia) correct, and generally massage the images you choose for the best possible prints. 

Most importantly....correction...second most importantly behind your complete satisfaction, I am an official business, registered with the Texas Comptroller's Office, and thus, sadly, I must add 8.25% State Sales and Use Tax to any order for residents of the Great State of Texas!

I am pleased to announce a new and exciting addition to my business capabilities and flexibility, with the purchase of my big printers little brother, which has equal print quality and can print up to 17" wide print. "So what?!?" you say...well, I have it squeezed into the back of my vehicle, and can print on location, with or without 110V AC supply, at such events as rodeos, car shows, sports tournaments, etc., so I'll hope you'll keep this in mind if you are affiliated with a league, or association that may need prints on demand at your event!

Please tell me what you think of my idea for a charity organization after reading my mission statement at www.TheBoomerangInitiative.org

Kym Janiak
BoomerangPhotography.com - Owner
TheBoomerangInitiative.org - Founder

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